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Just the life of a group of friends living together. Now with Copyright. Now, if you steal, you go to jail. ~~~~ add some messages of your own ~~~~ *sparkly eyes* CHAODUDE!!!!!! *Man-Hug* ~ M13 LOLK-glared at by josh- wat ;-; -runs- ~Blixx that sexy nova ;3 Wut? O-o ~ Marta (wuz here) The Zombies are after me! DX - Xp_lulz Kill all recolors! - Aro the fox *Sparkly Eyes* JOSH!! *Man-Hug'd* ~ Chaodude I wanna hug too :(........(Blitzn'Burst) *Sparkly Eyes* BLITZ!! *Man-Hug'd* ~ Chaodude Again ..... stop staring at me D'X-coco the rabbit 101917 *stares at Coco* - Marta (wuz here again :P) well, hello there ladies ~ M13 :3 for the second time too Wrawr! From a fruit bat named Cherry~Bresong Cherry: I hate you, Jo-*Brick'd by Bresong*~Bresong Again why hate me?, hating foxes is an understandable thing, I hate most of them too, but i'm not a fox GODANGIT IM A FREAKING WOLF ~ Josh for a third time

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March 23rd, 2010, 6:48 am

grounded oh god why

anyways Ive been a bad mamajama and decided to let my grades slip to "c"s IM GONNA HAVE TO RETAKE ALGEBRA IN 9TH GRADE OH GOD OHGODWHY ;___________________________________;
AHEM.. besides from that Im going to have all honors Ap cllassess, so Im confined into my room to study evrey day. Startser, go ahead and make the comic using the sprites we talked about, Im so sorry I cant update, please forgive me ;_;

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