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~Note From Marta~
If you want a bio of your character here, please PM me one sprite and their full bio.


Gender: Female
Age: 18
Likes: Not to be killed, Strawberries
Dislikes: Torturing whoever killed her, Trees, Apples
Mana is not ordinary. She dies more than any other person you know. She has found a way to go around death, but it takes weeks to for the process. She is suppose to be fifty if she had never died, but due to her dieing so much, she is still eighteen. She is known as the "Queen of Death."


Gender: Male
Age: ???
Likes: Meat, Cheese, Soda
Dislikes: Being yelled at
Wolfie is not the usual furry you see running around. He actually acts like his kind. Like, walks on four feet, barks, and hunts for food with his teeth. He has a incredible sense of smell. He can be summoned by Mana, but he decides when he wants to be unsummoned or not.


Gender: Male
Age: 16
Likes: Drawing, wrestling, milkshakes, sugar, getting a laugh.
Dislikes: Killings, people that tick me off, shell fish (allergic)
Cody is a reality bender. Somehow able to be in his own comics, he is able to know what happens at some points. His physical abilities are maxed in this comic realms but he is limited to the reality he lives in. He is also known as Starster and has visions of his own characters at times.

Blixx Nova
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (in this comic)
Likes: Having parties, friends, soadas, starberry milkshakes, and sleeping between parites
Dislikes: Party crashers, Cody's darkside, having to go all out.
Blixx is the nova of paarty, he has the ability to avoid attacks using his "slowdance" techniuqe, where he can temporarily slow time down around him for a few seconds, to move out of the way of an attack, to his oppenents, it looks as if his is bursting into lines and slowly fadeing out.When Blixx gets serouis, he takes out his indestrcutable headphone, and dons his "birthday suit" (no he's not naked ;_;). While he's not serouis, he posses the power of a normal nova, he can move things with tylkenisis. He also has another techniqe called "Party!Childrens bouncehouse!" which allows him to propell an assilant up to a mile away, the impact of the opponents landing does most of the damage.In short,Blixx wont be serouis and fight (when hes at the height of his power) unless one hof his friends or hurt, or he thinks his "party" has been crashed Intellect: 7/10 Power: varies Speed:10/10 with s;lowdance 4/10with running speed 7/10 with melecombat speed charisma: literally off the charts. When Blixx wants to make friends with a person,He literally almost always has them as a friend, whether or not this is one of Blixx's ablities is a mystery still.

Joshua Ringmaster Nova

Gender: male
Age: ???
Likes: Codi, friends, Chocolate ice cream, fun things, and potarts, but mostly Codi
Dislikes: evil people, chiuauas, Fucktards
Bio: Joshua Ringmaster Nova, born some time in the future, went back in time the day he was born and raised by the Nova Family for a short time before they were murdered. Joshua became the holder of Dark Nova, while his brother is the holder of Nova. Not much else is known about him.